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Benefits of displaying products in Window Shopping Mall

Showcasing is permanently displaying the products locally so that the consumer can see, touch and smell the product as and when they like. In today's world, the products are showcased temporarily as part of a marketing drive to boost sale. This drives the sale of the products in that area temporarily as only consumers who are present during the drive are made aware of the product quality; others who are unable to make it will still be unaware of the products. To overcome this drawback, we are planning to setup permanent display only shops called Window Shopping Mall in prominent places. These shops will enable the consumers to handle the products anytime before they order them online. This concept will overcome one of the drawbacks of the online- only retailers or manufacturers.

The significance of this concept can be comprehended from the results of the latest market study by Accenture's research in 2013. It shows that 72% of the consumer bought the product after seeing the product in store. As there will be no unwelcome persuasion from any associate to buy the product, Window Shopping Mall will be appealing to many consumers than the Brick and Mortar shops.

When the number of consumers who visit Window Shopping Mall is huge, that itself will be a good advertisement for the product and ultimately to the online retailer. Thus, Window Shopping Mall will provide a great opportunity for the online-only retailers to increase their sale. To get identical advantages of Window Shopping Mall, the online-only retailer will have to setup a local Brick and Mortar shop. This will increase the overhead which will have to be passed on to the customer by quoting the product price high. However, Window Shopping Mall will give the online-only retailers the best value for money by reducing the cost of displaying a product. This will be feasible due to the economies of scale that will come from displaying a lot of products from different retailers.

Also, employee salary is one of the costs that makes up a larger proportion of the total overhead incurred by a retailer. This cost will be phenomenally less in Window Shopping Mall as it is intended only for display. Consequentially, there will be no need for big workforce. This will save a lot of bucks which will be passed on to the retailer. In essence, Window Shopping Mall is an enterprising strategy to economically promote the online-only products.

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