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                     We offer a new way of promotion called Showcasing. Here we promote products that are sold exclusively online by permanently displaying them in prominent locations inside Malls, Brick & Mortar shops and so on. Depending on the Client's budget, we offer a number of options like carts, Kiosks and showrooms. This way of promotion increases customer confidence of the product, the online retailer rating and the sales. This can act as your retail showroom.


Traditionally Online shops, Brick and Mortar shops, Retailers, Manufacturers etc advertise their products to consumers through Internet, Television Channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines etc. The drawback of these media is that the consumer will not be able to see, touch, feel, smell and get first hand information about the product.

Window Shopping Mall will overcome that drawback. This can be used as your retail showroom.

We also have a network of independent stores to display your products. With our network, we will be able to help you reach your niche market. 


​An Accenture research also shows that after purchasing, 81 percent of customers said that it is important for a retailer to enable them to pick up or arrange for delivery of their purchase, regardless of how they paid for the item.


Window shopping mall can be used for “ship to store” or “store pickup”, thus reducing your shipping cost.




​Research has shown that the in-store return has positive impact on customer satisfaction because it eliminates the hassle of shipping for the customer.


Window Shopping Mall can be used to accept returns making returns easier and allowing multichannel returns for you.




Increase the sale

Provides mechanism to initiate sale from the display-only shops through internet or phone call, thus increasing the probability of the sale.


We will be providing free WiFi and desktops in the location to enable the consumers to get online and order from your website.


Free Telephone will also be provided to call the toll free number of your sales department.

In-Store Product Expert

The products sale depends on the consumer awareness about your products.


So depending on the plan you choose, we will also provide an in-store product expert to answer any question from the consumers about your product displayed in the Window Shopping Mall.

Unique Experience

We are committed to give consumers who visit our shops an exceptional experience so that they would want to come to the shop repeatedly.


To achieve it, most of our shops will have amenities such as free WiFi, Coffee shop, lounge and kids' area.

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