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Window Shopping Mall is a startup Services company that is passionately working to provide a service benefitting the needs of retailers who sell online and consumers who buy products sold online. To accomplish it, we are soon going to setup display-only shops to display products that are sold online.


To comprehend this concept, we need to realize that there is a paradigm shift both in the way retailers want to do their business and the way customers want to buy their products. The retailers who want to shift from conventional shops to online shops have been steadily increasing. Likewise, the number of customers who want to purchase online has also been increasing. According to several statistical studies, both the cases are expected to increase more in future.


Sellers who shift to online business, do that to cut down on the overhead of maintaining conventional shops; buyers who shift to online purchase do that when they want to make cost effective decisions or/and when the product they want to purchase is available only online.


To embrace this shift in priorities, we have come up with this upcoming and promising concept. It is an enterprising one such that it will take care of the apprehensions of customers who purchase online and retailers who do or want to do online business and do not have a physical presence. It can also be of service to retailers or manufacturers who do not have a physical presence in the areas having the display-only shops.


The products of online retailers or manufacturers who do not have a physical presence in these areas will be displayed in these Display-only shops. This gives the online retailers or manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their products directly to the consumer, so they will be able to see, touch, smell and feel the products. This will increase the clarity about the products. This in turn will gain confidence about their products among potential buyers and hence will increase their customer base. For example, the consumers might know about the release of a 3D phone. Though all of us know about 3D effect, we will not know how exciting it will be to view it on a phone until we handle it in person.


Through these display-only shops, the online retailers will be able to get the benefits that come from brick and mortar shops while still being online retailers. Since the customer will be able to see and handle the product in person, these Display-only shops will reduce the number of returns saving the online retailers the shipping cost. This will help maintain and enhance their reputation as well. These display-only shops can also be used for ”ship to store” shipping method.


These shops are only for display purpose and display only the actual products that the online retailers or manufacturers sell. However, we will provide customers a mechanism to initiate a sale from these display-only shops through internet or phone calls. The online retailers or manufacturers may list the display-only shops where their products are available in their websites.


We also have a network of independent stores to display your online products. With our network, we will be able to help you reach your niche market. Please visit the Services menu for more details.

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